Script to Screen Grant Program

Every year, Couch Film Collective holds a contest for the best short script.

The winner gets a $4000 grant to make their film.

They also get massive production and outreach support from our filmmaking collective, in-kind donations for production, and our board of professional filmmakers as Executive Producer.

Every submission gets feedback from our very impressive panel of judges. 2019 panel: Randall JahnsonBarri ChaseCynthia WhitcombNancy FroeschleMike Gould, David Poulshock, AR HallJen ElkingtonEva Moss, and Mary Andonian.

The competition opens December 8, 2018 and the final deadline for submissions is January 20, 2019 at midnight.

Pitch Party for top three scripts is February 13, 2019. Screenwriters must attend and pitch their project. All present will vote (yes it’s okay to bring friends, and yes, you can vote for your own project), and CFC members will have until February 17, 2019 to vote online. Winner will be announced February 18, 2019.

Submission Process & Guidelines

You must be a paid member to submit a script. Register!

—-> Submit script here <—-

By submitting, you are committing to a Couch Film Collective co-production. CFC will serve as the Executive Producer.

Anticipate re-writes after winning, taking into consideration script committee feedback.

Script submissions must be 10 pages or less.

Production must have less than or equal to seven speaking roles.

Maximum two locations.

Limit to two day shoot.

Your film must pass Bechdel test (*

Department leads (or co-leads) must be women/non-binary folks- Writer, Director, Producer, DP, Gaffer, Production Designer, Sound Mixer. See Mentorship Model for crew positions/rates.

The crew demographics goal is 90% women, 30% people of color.

All cast & crew will be paid. Refer to CFC Production Model for rates. All non-CFC-members will be compensated $35 of their project payment as a membership credit.

Winners are encouraged to engage in supplemental fundraising efforts, which CFC will support.

First crew and casting calls must be posted internally to the Couch Film Collective (though you are not under obligation to hire CFC members as cast/crew). After a week, the original posts may then be shared widely.

All outreach (before, during, and after production) must link to CFC.

If there are head credits, they must include “Couch Film Collective presents”. End credits must begin with “This film was a [add percentage]% female/non-binary-crewed production of Portland’s Couch Film Collective” and our logo must end the credits. If any portion of the original film is repurposed, the Couch Film Collective name/logo must be retained.

Couch Film Collective retains co-ownership in perpetuity of the media, including but not limited to, raw footage, edited footage, behind the scenes media, music, stills, graphic arts.

If the film goes on to make money, that money goes to the writer (and her production team based on their agreement). Couch Film Collective waives any right to financial gain from the film.

Couch Film Collective will be able to post the full film on its website at most one year after completion.

First check disbursement (30%) will be given at first pre-production meeting with the board. Second check disbursement (50%) will be given after production is wrapped. Final check disbursement (20%) will be given upon completion/delivery of the final film.

See CFC Script to Screen Timeline for deadlines. The film will be previewed at our 2019 winter holiday party.