Our mission at the Coüch Collective is to redefine the female narrative by changing the types of stories told about women in film and by working to get more women behind the camera at all levels of production.

We produce and support projects that prioritize hiring at least 51% women and at least 36% people of color on their teams.

As you can tell by our name, we have a great sense of humor. We believe a new paradigm and movement is needed and we pan to have a lot of fun creating it.

In early 2015 several women from diverse backgrounds within the film industry came together and confronted the fact that the gender disparity in the entertainment industry was not only unbalanced but entirely unnecessary.

That’s when they lit upon a revolutionary idea: What if instead of focusing on wasting energy vilifying the lack luster status quo, we created a new paradigm of our own? What if we changed the rules of the game? What if we employed each other?

By asking these seemingly innocuous but powerful questions, a simple and game changing solution arose:

We realized that we could combine our time, money, energy, stories, gear, expertise, network equity, and ingenuity to reclaim power and create our own work on our own terms.

With that, the Collective hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back since.

 Creating Change

We Make Short Films – We sponsor two script writing contests each year and the winner of the contest receives a grant as well as a full crew to realize their project. This provides opportunities for women to develop their portfolios in film so they can better leverage their experience in the entertainment industry.

We Teach Each Other Stuff – Every other month, the Collective offers affordable (and sometimes free!) workshops to both members and the public on everything from writing screenplays to audition technique, producing a short film to script supervising.

We Employ Each Other – On months when we don’t host workshops, we have networking meetings where working film industry professionals gather to network and connect. Many members are exposed to work opportunities on non-Collective projects.

We Showcase and Promote Women and People of Color in Film and Entertainment – While we are avid about supporting and marketing our members, we are dedicated to featuring projects, organizations, and resources that align with our cause. This means we savor the moments when we can collaborate with professionals from outside the Collective to disseminate and publicize high-quality work created by women in filmmakers.

Becoming A Member is Epic and Easy!

Wonderful! We have a lot of fun making stuff and we’d love to have you. All you have to do is come to one of our events: a meeting, workshop, or fundraiser. We are a participation-reliant organization and we are only as strong and robust as the resources our members lovingly and generously contribute.

We regularly post when events will be on our facebook page. Eventually we will have a handsome little calendar on this very site, but until then we rely on social media to spread the good word.